Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hard Rock, Nashville

I had an awesome weekend in Nashville hanging out with friends, getting to see my parents who flew in from TX and seeing my brother and his band Darling Parade, play at the Hard Rock. I picked my parents up from the Airport Saturday and I took them to eat at Cantina Loredo. After lunch we walked to Urban Outfitters which was right across the street. We stayed in there for probably about 2 hours and all 3 of us ended up leaving with a bag! ha ha! I kept thinking to myself how cool it was that I can go in such a hip store like this, a store that I would normally shop, with my parents - and they can shop and find things in there too. Actually they bought more than me. I only got 2 things. My Mom bought 2 dresses and a scarf and then my dad bought 2 shirts, a pair of black boots and then he got a pair of boots for my Mom. It was SOO much fun! We went back to my brothers apartment, changed and headed to the Hard Rock. The concert was AWESOME! When they first started playing I actually teared up and almost started crying because I was just so proud watching my talented, little brother!

Here are pics from the night . . . . .

Me & my Lil Bro
My brother & the band were awesome!! I can't help but be the proud sis!

The lead singer and talented, Kristin Kearns
My parents are adorable. I love them so!
Mom, Case and Me after the show
The top of the Hard Rock was so cool and it was an amazing view of downtown Nashville.
Mom & Dad again
It was a rainy night, but the streets just shined with the lights of all the great places to hear music and lights on the trees. It was so pretty!

It was such a great time and I was so glad to be there! Mike wasn't able to go, which I hated him not being there, but he had to work over the weekend. I got there on Friday night and stayed with one of my good friends and we went to dinner and out for a bit, I will post pics of my night with her later this week. I miss my family already, but I am so glad to have spent the weekend with them! Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


Jen said...

Such a great time! Wonderful pictures!

Rachel said...

So cute, it's nice you can do such fun things with your parents!

Annie said...

looks like such a fun time!!
that is really cool that your parents shop at the same trendy stores as you!! i think it's great how close your whole family is! reminds me of mine :)
i know what you mean about getting teary eyed watching your brother perform, my bestie is a singer in a band and when i saw her perform last time i felt like a proud parent sitting there watching ;)