Friday, January 22, 2010

My Fabulous Friday in Nashville (Last Fri.)

Last Friday at this time I was headed to Nashville for the weekend. I already blogged about last Saturday and going to see my brother at the Hard Rock, but I haven't shared what I did last Friday. When I got into town I headed to one of my best friends house. Jennie and I have been good friends for almost 7 years. She was my first good good friend I found when I moved here to Memphis from Northwest Arkansas. Jennie moved to Nashville over a year ago for her job and I have missed her dearly. I got to her house Friday night and we got ready together in her adorable condo, had a little wine and then headed out for a great dinner and night out.

This is her condo - I just love it! So cute!!!

We went to dinner at this great place called LIME - if you are in Nashville, you should go. It had such a cool, hip atmosphere, I felt like I was in NYC. After that we went to The Red Door for a few cocktails. I met some of her friends there and we had a great time!
Jennie and I used to sing at the TOP of our longs back in the day. We would have the music blaring and just belt it out . . . and we did it again and it was SO fun!!! ha ha

As you can see - we were really feeling the music! ha ha
We shared some chicken nuggets from Mcy D's (late night eating = not good!!) and continued our music listening and singing once we got back to the condo. Jennie has a cat named Willis, he was our hot date and dance partner for the night! ha ha!

So that was what I was doing last Friday. I worked from home today and had a productive day completing my weekly sales report and making appointments for next week. I got an early start on dinner and made a Enchilada casserole. I used chicken instead of beef to make it less fattening and did not add a whole lot of cheese in order to keep the fat down too. I'll probably add a little more to Mike's when I serve it. After that I did my little Shred workout. Mike just got home from work and he's going to the gym to get his workout in. Then we will eat dinner and might just make a trip to Lowe's where I have my eye on a rug that is on sale. We have a gift card to Lowe's that his Grandma gave us for Christmas - and it's been burning a whole in my pocket! =)

So . . . Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Ta ta for now!


Annie said...

oh how i love these photos! it looks like you two had so much fun!! kitty cat included! ;)
i'm dying for some girly time!! my bestie cancelled on me, again :(
your friends condo is way too cute!!
love your outfit! you look amazing!!
hope you have a great weekend pretty lady! :)

Brown Girl said...

That looks like a blast, I love her condo. You look gorgeous as usual! Love that headband.

Mrs. Beach Bride said...

Very cute condo! Love the blue wall and that black ring :)

Sole Matters said...

i love the purple color on her wall!! that headband is super cute! her cat looks like he's all "i hate you assholes" ahhahaa!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Cute photos...Looks like you had a great time!