Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: These are a Few of My Favorite Things




This time of I year I love things that smell good, things that look pretty and of course things that taste yummy! Sunday night we had our Christmas party for work and went to dinner and enjoyed good Italian food and wine. We also exchanged gifts. I received some great things and gave something that I thought made a great gift as well. My favorite things consist of a few things I received at our Christmas party, and what I gave as my gift!

1. One of the girls gave us all a bunch of goodies, which included some dried lemon slices! I love these!! They are pretty and smell good!! I can't wait to figure out how I want to use them!
2. Another gift was 3 adorable, little scented pillows. They were all done by hand and the lady I work with even used buttons from her own button collection. She is German and is always doing such neat things. I just loved these so much and the words on each little pillow! So I decided to put them somewhere where I could enjoy looking at them and smelling them each day - my bathroom! I think they are lavender scent. Aren't they just so cute??
3. The same lady who did the pillows, also made some AMAZING truffles!! They are to die for!! OMG!!! She packaged them SO cute too in little boxes with wax paper in between each kind to keep them separated. Such a cute gift and oh so yummy!!
4. This year I did flower arrangements for the girls. I got vases and filled them with cranberries and then hydrangeas. I did a bigger arrangement for my boss. I got to the restaurant early and was able to put them on our table that we had reserved before everyone else got there. So we got to enjoy them during dinner. I attached the little "Merry Christmas" signs to pretty paper. I chose the paper based on the person and the colors I knew they liked. I love fresh flowers and I wanted to give them all something they could really enjoy and may not do for themselves. So I hope they do enjoy them!
5. One last little thing I have the girls along with the flowers, were these adorable boxes of tea. Each box had a different flavor of tea. Plus, the boxes are just so adorable and hopefully when they drink up all the tea they can use the boxes for something.

I know we all love receiving gifts, especially unique, homemade things like I received. But - I love giving gifts and making things or putting things together for people! That's my favorite thing of all!!


Rachel said...

Love the arrangements, they are gorgeous!

Annie said...

i am in love with the arrangements as well!!
how exactly did you make them? just take cranberries and put them in the vase, add water and flowers?? they are so pretty!!!
the tea boxes are adorable!
all the gifts you received are fabulous as well!!! you all put so much thought into your gifts! so unique and creative! love it!!

the davidsons said...

Ok...you are awesome! These arrangements are gorgeous! I love them! Such a great idea!

Ashley said...

WOW!!!!! You are amazing!! I just love you BFF! ;)

Jennifer said...

Love those arrangements. Come out to Oakland and do some for me.

In this wonderful life... said...

love all these goodies!!

Lucinda said...

Great job on the flowers, beautiful! I will have to steal that idea next year!

aLiCia* said...

so that is an awesome idea for christmas presents. i love the flower arrangements & the tea is seriously adorable. Found your blog & I love your ideas. Merry Christmas :)

Liz said...

all so pretty. the small pillows are cute. great job with the flower arrangements and i love the tea cylinders.