Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Night: Merlot & Sex 'n the City

*** NOTE I started this post last night - but got sleepy and had to save it. But I will leave it how I started it and then finish it up with the latest news of me getting rear ended this morning!

Okay so right now as I am about to recap on tonight, I am sitting in bed next to my sleeping hubby, discretely & quietly trying to unwrap a piece of chocolate from the Halloween candy. Not only am I in bed with a piece of candy, but I also brought my glass of Merlot with me, ha ha . . .sad I know. I am on my 3rd (or 4th) glass. yikes! But I also started at 8:30, so it's been a while. I figured it will make me sleep good, ha ha!

Tonight my Mom and I decided to have a movie night. I wanted her to watch Sex 'n the City b/c she has never seen it before. So we got Greek Salads and a BIG bottle of wine. My Mom got Pizza for my brother and Mike - and I tried SO hard not to eat a piece, but I did anyway later on!! AHHH!! I probably wouldn't have but until the salad, all I had eaten was a bowl of rice crispies for breakfast with coffee, and then a Peanut Butter Sand which at work for lunch. So I was SO hungry!!! The salad was so good, I just love a good greek salad. I lit a bunch of candles in the living room and we just had the best time watching this great movie, eating, drinking, and being merry! ha ha! My Mom really liked the movie!! I always love watching it and I can't wait for the next one.

Now on to what happened this morning (Sat.) . . . I was on my way to work when I got rear ended. The damage is very minor, but it's still SO annoying. The guy wanted us to just swap info. but I told him I thought it was best to take the proper steps and call the police, so that's what I did. I think you should always do that, no matter how minor it may seem. I think I will definitely still have to take my car to the body shop, but I'm just thankful it was not worse. BUT - I had not put my latest insurance card in my car . . dummy me. I think I picked it up one day and threw it in my purse. So I need to go home and find it today. So due to that I got a stinkin ticket! ugghhh - but the guy said that when I find it I can take it and the ticket will be dropped, so thats good! I had handed him one that I knew was expired, just hoping he wouldn't notice, ha. But he did. The guy that rear ended me didn't get a ticket though, which was annoying. The Policeman said that they can't issue a ticked if they didn't see the accident themselves. I get this, but at the same time I don't. They issue a DUI - but did they see you drink?? They arrest people for battery and murder, but did they SEE it happen??? I know I'm being totally ridiculous here, but you know what I mean. I just never realized that, seems like I remember people getting tickets for stuff like that. But maybe every state is different, who knows.

Since I was already late getting to the store to open it up, I thought "You know what . . .my morning got started off kinda rocky & I'm already late, so I'm going to drive through McDonald's and get an Egg McMuffin - what the heck." Well once I got in the line and finally got up to the speaker, I realized it was past 10:00 and I would not be able to get any breakfast. I was bummed! A McMuffin sure did sound so good!!! Oh well! So now I'm just at work, ready for my day to go by. Mike is wanting to watch some UFC thing tonight - so I'm going to make mini burgers and we are going to chill and watch that! Hope everyone has a good weekend . . . . and drive safe!!


Llama said...

Oh no!! Im so sorry to hear that you got in a little accident sweetie! Thank goodness, you are alright. It is totally NOT fair that the guy didn't get a ticket on the spot, but you did the right thing calling the cops. Think about your fun night with mom and have fun with your hubby tonight! SMILE! :)

Mrs. Misadventure said...

uuuggghhh what a bummer... car accidents suck! I hope everything turns out ok!! On the bright side, I happen to be enjoying sex and the city tonight, which is a great flick :) We have good taste!

Haven and Home said...

Oh I hate that, smart to get an official quote though! Sounds like a wonderful night before though!

In this wonderful life... said...

HOW ANNOYING on the fender bender!!! In our town, they ask you not call the police bc of traffic :( that is annoying too! Sounds like a perfect movie/wine/chocolate night :)