Friday, October 2, 2009

"Mint" to Be

"Mint" to Be
I am really liking the Mint green top I am wearing to work today. It is banded at the waist - which I love. I think a banded waste is good for the figure, especially curvy chica's like me who the good Lord blessed (I have a love/hate relationship with "the girls"! ha ha) I got this top towards the end of the summer and although it may seem like a summery color - I think I will still wear it some in the fall. I love this color and I think it will look great when paired with brown too. I grabbed my trusty scarf on the way out this morning and didn't decide till I got to work if I wanted to wear it around my neck or in my hair. I went with my hair. I just love scarves like these because they are so versatile!! I have them in several different colors! I wear them year around as a scarf over a tank, in my hair and then in the fall & winter. It is one of my most favorite accessories!!!

Some other cute things in this great color:

I know some of you are probably thinking these are entirely WAY too tall - but anyone who knows me - knows this is RIGHT up my alley!!! Since I am barely 5'2 - I always love my tall shoes! The taller the better!! Now I can't walk around in shoes like this all day, nor do I wear shoes quite this tall to work, but I own many pairs like this, with the platform heel too and I LOVE them! Actually - the style of these kind of remind me of the beautiful shoes I wore on my wedding day.

This dress is really pretty!!! I'm thinking if I had not done black and white for wedding colors - this color would have been pretty too!

Looks like OPI makes a polish in similar color. Not quite sure how I feel about this color for a polish - guess I would have to see it on first. hmm. . . .

Umbrella anyone???
How bout some green eyeshadow??

Really like this Mint green and gold leather clutch!
Lastly - who doesn't looove some Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream???
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!



Sole Matters said...

LOVE tall shoes! im 5'2" so i feel ya on that!! that green dress is FAB and so is the clutch!

Heather said...

Love your top!! SO cute.

Amber said...

I'm loving the color and the top!

Annie said...

i LOVE the shoes!!
&& your top, so cute!!
you are beautiful girl! :)
have a great weekend!

Brown Girl said...

You always look so damn cute, I'm jealous. Oh and I'd love some 'girls', what do you think about sharing?? Ha, sharing is caring after all. Haha, so very lame. It's Friday though so ya know. Mint chocolate chip is my fav ice cream...mmmmm....have a good weekend!!

Anonymous said...

hi! I am LOVING that color!! You look so pretty! Hope your having a great weekend so far! = )

Jen said...

CUTE top! Totally loving that color!
Just found your blog, it's adorable - you have a new follower :)

Blasé said...

Not sure how I came across your Blog....but, since I'm here, I'll take the 'Green' Ice Cream! It's not Green, is it?

Kristin said...

That clutch is gorg!!!

Jennifer said...

I love that top! Gorgeous!! Where's it from ?