Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: Kenneth Cole Boots (also owned by BRITNEY SPEARS)


(This one is pretty blurry - but it was the best one to show my brown boots. It was when I was out with friends one night last fall.)
TELL: I own two pairs of Kenneth Cole boots, one pair in brown, and one in black. I wear them a TON in fall and winter!!! I got my first pair, the brown ones, probably about 4 years ago. I saw them in Macy's and FELL IN LOVE with them!! I liked them because they were kind of cowboy boots but the toe was a little more rounded and they had a higher heel. I got the brown ones and wore them all the time with jeans, dresses, even a cute pair of shorts (since that was in at the time.) I loved them so much I thought that if they made them in black, I would really be in love. I searched and found them in black. I ended up getting them a few weeks later for Christmas. My Mom had to order them on-line. I have had these boots for quite sometime, and every year I wear them so much! I don't think there has been a pair of shoes/boots that I have worn or loved as much as I have these boots!! I own many pairs of boots, but these are by far my fav! I always get a TON of compliments when I wear them! They are leather and really great quality (I know this considering how much I have worn them!) I think when I purchased the brown ones they were around $350-$395! Yikes! I had never paid this much for any pair of shoes - but it was SO worth it and I have definitely gotten my moneys worth since I have worn them a ton, and still will. I usually like to find good deals on shoes and I do splurge from time to time if I find something I love or need some shoes for a special occasion. But you do get what you pay for, and in this case - I got amazing boots that are high quality, comfortable and a great look! I would buy them all over again!

I remember after I got these boots one of my friends called me and said, Britney Spears is wearing your boots!! She saw it on E! I think. I thought it was cool to see that she was wearing the same boots-although quite a few of the outfits she paired with them are questionable . . . .hmmm. But she clearly loves these boots as much as I do! Good taste Brit - in boots that is, not in men! ha ha

(Looks like Ms. Spears likes to wear her boots without socks - yuk!)


LC said...

very cute!

Amber said...

I love the boots! I'm jealous :)

Brown Girl said...

Love the boots. Can't wait to bust mine out for the winter, bring on the cold! You are adorable by the way, so pretty!!! ;)

Annie said...

the boots are so cute!! love em!
esp cuz they have a heel! i'm short, love heels!!
can't believe brit brit copied you! ;)
i guess when you are that stylish
you're gonna have copycats!