Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Show 'n Tell Tuesday: New Bling

Tell: A few weeks ago Mike and I were out doing a little shopping and picking up some things for his Mom's Birthday. While we were out - I spotted some rings and being the jewelry lover I am, couldn't help but look. I love to look at pretty sparkly things . . . .what girl doesn't??? I spotted a beautiful Princess cut Lemon Quartz ring. I've always loved Lemon quartz because it has yellow and slight greenish hints of color. It is such a pretty stone and I think it goes with so much color wise. To my surprise Mike said "Get it!" I said no, no - I was just looking. He insisted and said he was getting the ring for me! I felt bad because I didn't want him to get it, but I will admit that I do love it when he "insists" and gets things for me anyway! I love the ring and couldn't keep from looking at it all night as we were in the car and at dinner! I used to feel a little guilty if I got a piece of jewelry that was not from my store, but then I decided that if it is something that I like, then that's all that matters! Thank you to my sweet hubby for getting me this beautiful ring! I know it is something I will wear forever!!

(btw . . . I think my hands look really old up close . . .I don't like it! ha ha)


Ashley said...

I need this!!! Great job Mike! ;) Good hubbs!

Rona's Home Page said...

I love it!

Cristin said...

Love the ring!

Thanks too for dropping by my blog.


Annie said...

so very pretty!

Lucinda said...

I love me some yellow, and much to my surprise got a canary diamond engagement ring. I really love it! And your hands don't look old.