Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend in Nashvegas: Part 2

The elevator in the hotel was really cool - it changed colors wherever we stepped!

Great restraunt in Franklin!
Mike getting us a drink!

Ok, sorry for such a delay. I have been very busy and actually just got back last night from TX. My Mom and I flew out there to stay with my Dad over the holiday weekend! That will be another post for another day.

Back to our Nashville trip . . . . . it got better and we enjoyed our time eating shopping, and exploring parts of Nashville and Franklin that we had not seen before. Our second night there we went to have a drink in Downtown Franklin. We parked along the street in front of a restaurant along the sidewalk. As I got out I noticed that 2 women came out of the restaurant. I was looking down and when I looked up I thought "boy she looks familiar." Then it hit me, it was Kimberly Williams - Paisley . . . . AKA Brad Paisley's wife/girl from Father of the Bride. I have always loved her as an actress and from FOTB - which has always been one of my favorite movies. But . . . .she did not look very friendly at all and Mike told me that when I was getting out of the car and stepping onto the sidewalk just as she was coming out of the restaurant, she looked at me like I was in her way. I was thinking to myself, geeze, what was I supposed to do, bow down?? ummmm . . . no! So needless to say I was and still am quite disappointed in her and think she seemed like a total B***h! I don't think I will ever look at her in a movie or on TV the same again - and that makes me sad. But oh well.  I mean - I know every one has a bad day, celeb or not, but when you are in public, even if it is in your hometown, when you are famous you need to be aware of your attitude and remember that people are always watching you! After all, if it was not for the "people" you would not be rich, nor famous. Ok - I'm done venting, ha ha!

So that was that and the rest of the trip was nice! Our last day we went back to downtown Franklin because when we had been there before it was at night and all of the shops down there were closed, so I wanted to go back during the day. We ate lunch at Meridee's Breadbasket where everything is made fresh, from breads, pies, pastries, chicken salad, you  name it. It was SO good and I cannot wait to go back again! After that we walked around and I went into some amazing shops! There were some fabulous dress shops, as well as home/interior shops. Everything was so quaint and I just loved it. Once we got done there, we headed back to Nashville and went to the Green Hills Mall. I went into Louis Vuitton and drooled over some of the bags! I also went to a store called ZGallery - it's an awesome home decor store! I have only been to the web-site on-line so when I saw one there I was so excited. I really could have gone nuts in there - I loved everything!

 On our way out of the mall I spotted a watch I loved. I used to wear a watch 24/7 and had about 6 to choose from. I guess I kind of collected watches. For some reason right before Mike and I met I stopped wearing my watches. I had just purchased a steel one a month ago, got it on sale - so I really didn't need another, but I sure did love this one. Mike insisted that I get it, so he got it for me! I told him no, but he wanted to. He had purchased a couple shirts and things in a cool store there, and I was so glad because he never buys anything for himself - but he said since he splurged, he wanted me to have this watch too. After going back and forth about it I finally said okay. So now I am glad to have it! I do love it!

We enjoyed our weekend and although it started off a bit rough - I think it's always nice to get away from time to time. I think everyone needs that every now and then! 

Checking out of the hotel! =(
Downtown Franklin

Loved all of the shops!

Loving my new watch too! Thanks hubby!


the davidsons said...
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Annie said...

looks like your trip was amazing!
so many great pics :)

the davidsons said...

Ohh, your trip looks amazing! I've got to check out that swanky hotel where you guys stayed! One time I saw Faith Hill at the Green Hills Mall-I was at Gap Kids with my cousin and she was right behind me when I turned around. We smiled at each other and walked off-I had no idea it was her until a few seconds later. She looked totally normal (no makeup) and seemed very down to earth! She was there with her kids and I would have never noticed her had I not come face to face with her.
I can't believe Kimberly Williams wasn't friendly-I mean Brad just looks so nice, you know?!

Did you see the Hills Center (right behind the Green Hills Mall). I was there at Anthropologie last weekend-they've got lots of cute shops throughout the center.

ps-you've got something over on my blog :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

What an amazing trip! I found your blog through the davidson's....yay for December brides!

PS Love the music!