Thursday, July 9, 2009

Black and White Photos

This photo below is from Tori Spellings home. I love how she did her photos along her staircase and how one photo of her beloved dog Mimi has a red matte! What a good idea!

The office in DWP was amazing. I love how the photos are placed!

This room mixes art and photos, a look I love!

I LOVE pictures of my family, I never get tired of looking at them! All pictures are beautiful because of the memories they hold! I particularly love black and white photos. Many of my wedding photos are black and white and I just love it. I think that having a black and white photo on the wall makes such a statement in any room no matter what style or color scheme you have going on. Black and white photos are just classic!  

I love it when I see a wall of photos or art in someones home. I have been contemplating doing the same thing in our living room. Just need to figure out what photos or art I want. I love how people place all of their photos randomly on the wall, different sizes, a larger one on one side rather than the middle, mixing art with personal photos, all uniquely different. I think that it is a very eclectic look and if you can add some of your own special photos in with art that you love, then it is uniquely your own - which makes it that much more mesmerizing! I'm sharing some of my favorite spaces with photos like this. I just love looking at them and thinking of how I can create my own wall of memories and things I love!

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