Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Music City Here We Come!

I am so anxious for tomorrow to be here because Mike and I are going to go to Nashville for the weekend. He is off work all this week and a while back we decided to take a trip while he was off. Our original plan was to go to Destin for a week and enjoy the beach.  Mike said we could do that or go somewhere a little closer (like Nashville) and then get a few things for the house like a couple pieces of furniture or something. So after we talked about it, that's what we decided to do. So we are leaving tomorrow and looking forward to a little weekend getaway.

We went back in December for our Anniversary for a couple nights and stayed in Nashville, but this time we are staying right out side of it in Cool Springs. We are staying at this really cool hotel by W hotels called Aloft. I've heard a lot about it  - so I'm really looking forward to it. It is really modern and just a cool atmosphere - just what I like.

So next time I should have some pics of our fun filled weekend! 


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