Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Grow Old Together!

One of our Engagment pics - this pose was not planned. The photographer just caught this moment, which is why I love this pic SO much!!

Today was the funeral for Mike's Grandmother. It was a long tiring day, but I would not have been anywhere else then with my husband and his family!  Something very ironic to me (and it did not hit me till last night . . . ) is that his Grandmother ended up being buried in the same cemetery as my Grandparents (on my mother's side.) I just found it very ironic considering my Grandparents did not live here in Memphis, they lived an hour away in Jackson and died over 25 years ago. I never had the privilege of meeting them. Another interesting fact is that Mike's Grandmother had lived in TX for years and just moved back a few years ago. Out of all of the Funeral Homes/Cemetery's in the Memphis area, Mike and I now share the fact that both of our Grandparents are buried in the same place. May sound weird to say that this is cool . . . . but to me it kind of is. Funny how God works sometimes and how over 20 years ago, my Grandparents were buried there, and around that same time, Mike's Grandmother purchased her plot there. It's just funny to think about how God knew then that one day Mike and I would be there together visiting our Grandparents graves. 

Today was sad of course, but it also made me think how I want to live a long, happy life with Mike and grow old with him! And in the process, work hard to cherish every single precious moment, because each moment is so very precious! 


Josh and Kate said...

I've been praying for you and Mike this week. Hope he's doing okay. That is neat that your grandparents now share the same cemetery. Doesn't God work in amazing ways just when you need it too?! You're in my thoughts. Miss you!

Ashley said...

Okay that made me cry! God knows everything before it happens, such a great feeling! Hang in there, and give Mike a hug for me. We love ya'll!